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Journey into different worlds in your spacecraft and enjoy this beloved game of the 90s. Play Now Skyroads large

Step back in time and enjoy a classic platform game to test your skills and reflexes in Skyroads. Have fun making your way into space by dodging obstacles and looking for a safe path for your spaceship to travel. The graphics feature old-school pixel art with vibrant colors that are sure to catch your eye and even the sound effects and background music offers an arcade-like vibe to them. You only have to log in to the website with your computer and the simulator is there for you to play.

You can easily enjoy Skyroads using different types of controllers depending on the ones you got on hand or whichever you prefer best. By going to the CONTROL tab you set to use a keyboard, arcade stick, or mouse and your choice determine the way you navigate or move your craft. You can turn on or off the sound in there too. The goal of Skyroads is simple you need to make your way through the stage without crashing or falling to your demise. You can decide to go left or right and also jump up on the structures so you better be quick in making your decisions on the fly. There are a lot of stages that you can enjoy with different themes of the world and their unique designs as you can also experience various type of terrain.

To sum it all up, if you are looking to play a classic fun game then you should try out Skyroads. You are sure to have some fun with the fast-paced gameplay that will have you at the edge of your seat when you do awesome jumps while trying to make it to very narrow roads that can fit your spaceship. So come and discover the game beloved in the 90s and enjoy!