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Run and gun wave after wave of hostile aircraft and ground forces in this unpredictably exciting side-scroller! Play Now Silkworm large

Silkworm came at the time when side-scrolling shooters were increasingly popular. There were many titles to choose from. It was all a matter of what game had the most challenging gimmicks. Now, you can relive the excitement of shooting attack choppers out of the sky and popping tanks on the ground in a new HTML5 incarnation.

While the play elements are standard fare for 80’s games, modern gameplay will put this on the harder-to-master titles. The game is built with 2 players in mind. Player 1 jumps into an attack helicopter and Player 2 hops onto a machinegun-armed jeep. Depending on what you bring to the battle, you’re going to have limited firing arcs, so covering for your friend during vulnerable moments is a must. It is more manageable to play as the Heli if Single Player is how you roll. Classic controls mean you have directional buttons to move around, dedicated weapon buttons to fire ground attack or anti-air munitions, and the jeep gets a jump button to stay clear of harm's way. Stages are saturated with homing missiles and a slew of enemy armor and aircraft out to write you off the battle.

Enemies appear at random – giving the game a sense of depth. There will be no moment when you can completely predict how a group of hostiles will attack, and from where. It’s going to be a matter of how fast you can react and prevent opposing forces from ending your playthrough. Don’t fret, since your vehicle is nimble enough to weave in and out of shells and missiles. Keep in mind that it only takes one bullet or bomb hit to reduce you to smithereens. It’s going to mean that you’ll rely much on evading to stay alive in the game. Special enemies drop power-ups that improve your attack capabilities. You get to take out baddies faster and in more directions compared to your base firepower.

Summing this up, Silkworm offers a level of challenge rarely seen in today’s shooter titles.