Pole Position (1982) Namco

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Step back into the past and play one of the most famous arcade racing games of all time. Play Now Pole Position (1982) Namco large

Step back into the past and play one of the most famous arcade racing games of all time.

Take on the challenge of completing the time trial lap and get the chance to race against seven other AI contestants in a championship in Fuji. Enjoy the pixel art style the retro arcade games have during their time and the sound effects that go along with it. Pole Position (1982) is one of the first which offers a racing simulation game on the racetrack while driving a formula one car.

The controls are simple and the mechanics are easy to understand. A button to accelerate and separates ones to go left or right. You need to finish the lap between 57 and 120 seconds to qualify and you have to drive fast and remain on the racetrack especially when turning left or right to maintain your speed. Whenever you drive offroad and start making your way to the grass, your momentum decreases significantly and will lose the precious seconds which usually means losing or winning the game. You also need to avoid hitting the billboards on the sidelines since your car is going to be destroyed and resetting takes a few seconds of idling by. The game will end when the timer runs out or you reach the finish line.

There were two different set-ups that you can play the Pole Position (1982). The standard arcade where you use a steering wheel, a gear shifter, and an accelerator. You can also use the cockpit cabinet that has everything the first one has but with an added brake pedal. As time went by and technology progressed, the mediums and versions of the game also changed as well.

In short, if you want to play one of the games that pioneered modern F1 racing then you should definitely check out Pole Position (1982). So buckle up, grab the wheel, and enjoy the ride!