OutRun (1986) SEGA

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Outrun your opponents and beat the clock in the highly popular arcade racing game by SEGA. Play Now OutRun (1986) SEGA large

Outrun your opponents and beat the clock in the highly popular arcade racing game by SEGA.

Have fun driving around the city and weave through the traffic as you race against time to get to the finish line. Enjoy the state-of-the-art graphics which paved the way to future videogame visual designs combined with soundtracks you can choose to your liking and realistic sound effects that set the mood of the game and increase immersion. OutRun (1986) SEGA lets you play single or two-player modes depending on the set-up that you have.

Choose among eight different sportscars each with their speed and handling. Make your way from the starting point to the finish line as you avoid the traffic in the road and the possibility of hitting other cars while driving as fast as you can. When you arrive at a checkpoint, you gain more time until the timer runs out or you reach the finish line. OutRun (1986) SEGA also features five stages giving you choices of which way to go and finally ending with five final destinations and scenarios. This gives more depth to the game and allows you to explore and still have fun even if you already finished it a couple of times.

Controlling your sportscar in the game as immersive as can be as there were four kinds of arcade cabinets that launched for OutRun (1986) SEGA. Although they all had a steering wheel, brake and acceleration pedals, and a stick shift they did differ in some parts like upright designs and sitting down configurations that give full immersion as if you are inside of a car.

Summing it all up, OutRun (1986) SEGA is a great game for those who love racing simulation games. The cool 3D-like graphics via sprite-scaling combined with its lively and upbeat soundtracks shows us why it's still revered as one of the most influential of its time. So start your engines and get ready to race!