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Help your little-men get past obstacle courses and get to the exit point in this amazing game.
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Lemmings is a remarkable puzzle game that puts you at the forefront as you try and lead your army of lemmings towards the exit point in different levels. The gameplay is pretty similar to traditional games of this style and this genre certainly doesn’t need any introduction as it was quite famous back in the 90’s. The gameplay is super-fun and asks for creativity and some instincts form time to time so if you’re on the hunt for something unique and entertaining, you’d love to give this game a try.

When it comes to the gameplay, Lemmings uses the same side-scrolling gameplay that was pretty commonplace among games in the 90s’. The game is level-based and in each particular level, you’ll have this army of lemmings that you’ll have to lead towards the exit point. Now, it may seem like an easy task, but we can assure you that this is far from the case because you’ll have these really challenging obstacle courses that you’ll have to get past and, you’ll also have a few enemies to counter. The focal point of the game is to utilize the strengths of your men and assign them a task such as diggings, bridge-building, and other jobs that can help you get to the point you want to reach.

The game’s longevity is also great as you’ll have many levels to play and with each passing levels, the game gets more and more tricky. The visuals of the game are also quite decent thanks to the well-designed levels, creative character designs, along with sleek animations that make the gameplay so much more entertaining for the players.

All said and done, Lemmings is a fantastic puzzle game that’ sure to appeal all puzzle-lovers and certainly isnt a game that should be missed out.