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Roll the dice and own different properties around the town in this highly exciting computer-version of the famous monopoly game. Play Now Landlord large

Developed back in the early 80s’, Landlord is a fun-to-play board game that uses the same gaming mechanics and rules as the real-life monopoly in which you’ll be squaring up against 2 to 4 players to determine who finishes the game as the richest person with the most owned lands and properties. Although the game has never used the word monopoly in any of the instructions or anywhere at all in the game, Landlord still sticks pretty close to monopoly’s rules so if you’ve played monopoly before, you’ll easily learn to play this game. The game begins inside a square-shaped playing field that has properties, houses, lands, and a few other fields around it and the players will be rolling the dice to determine what their next stop is.

The objective of the game is to buy as many properties as you can with the money that you have and force the other players into bankruptcy and to make that happen, you have to make sure you own numerous properties and businesses for which you’ll get paid a certain amount of rent from the other players. The game also includes a jail in the playing field that could restrict the player from making progress as he’ll have to pay an hefty amount of bail to get released so make sure you don’t end up in jail and make the right moves. Since the game was developed a long time ago, it uses the function keys on the keyboard for most of the in-game actions. Another great thing about Landlord is that you can enjoy this game with up-to four players so if you’re in the mood to batter your friends, you can play it with them.

Overall, Landlord is an entertaining board game with plenty of enjoyable aspects so if you like board games, you should try this one.