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Control the movement of the paddle and score maximum points in this addicting arcade game Play Now Blockage large

Developed in the early 2000’s, Blockage offers a thrilling gaming experience to the players with its highly engaging gameplay and eye-pleasing visuals. Though there are tons of block-breaking arcade games out there, Blockage certainly stands out in terms of speed since the game offers a no-frills gameplay which makes this game a lot more enjoyable and will certainly keep you glued to the screen. The controls of the game are also pretty basic so once you start playing it, you’ll develop complete understanding of the game in no time.

The gameplay, as mentioned earlier, is pretty fast and your job in this game will be to control the paddle on the bottom of your screen that moves horizontally. There will be a ball that moves continuously and your main task is to make sure you don’t let the ball touch the floor as it’ll result in defeat for you so while the ball moves around, make sure you move the paddle cleverly in the right direction and break all the bricks to score maximum points and progress through the game. You’ll also get the opportunity to gain power-ups such as ball splitters that will increase the number of balls temporarily, paddle boosters that will increase the size of your paddle, and a few other powers by breaking a few special bricks among the whole stack so keep an eye on these bricks to gain special powers that will aid you. The visuals of the game are pretty detailed and the in-game sound effects are quite enjoyable, especially the satisfying brick breaking sound when you hit the ball right on the money, hence, enhancing the gameplay experience quite a bit.

All in all, Blockage is a fun little brick-breaking arcade game with enriched level designs and plenty of other mazing in-game features so you should certainly give it a try.