Ack! Man

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Devour all the pellets that you can and beat the terrible specters on their own game with this amazing title. Play Now Ack! Man large

If you love something, you can never get enough of it so you just try the same thing in different ways. While this applies to almost everything in life, we are actually talking about video games here and not just any video game, because this is THE videogame. Although this title is just a clone, it’s a pretty decent version of the original version with some upgrades, this is Ack! Man.

Ack! Man is a different version of the classic retro game Pac-Man, but this version comes with some little details that give new experiences to the player. If you are a fan of the original franchise, it’s possible that you ran across this title somewhere in the past while you were trying to play it on your Pentium 4.

Even though the mechanics is pretty much the same, we find clear differences at first glance in Ack! Man, but if you’re a member of that endangered species that has never play Pac-Man let us summarize for you. The main protagonist is this hungry yellow circle that eats pellets and runs away from ghosts, but if you eat a big pellet you become the hunter.

That’s pretty much it, if you eat all the pellets without getting caught, you win. Here we explain the main differences, since Ack! Man offers different layouts, unlike the original edition of this game and his successor Mrs. Pac-Man. If you want a challenge, this game is made for you, because the AI of the ghosts is way tougher to beat than the one from the previous game making this a solid game.

Even though Ack! Man is not the original thing, we stand behind him and recommend it for all the lovers of the franchise, since it is challenging and another trial to beat.