Types of Retro Game Emulators

Emulation has evolved a great deal over the years and nowadays we have emulators for pretty much every kind of retro console out there and these are going to be our focus in this article. Types of Retro Game Emulators large

The great thing about emulation is the fact that it enables players to enjoy games from a variety of different eras and consoles in the comfort of their computer or even their modern-day smartphone. While emulation has been a bit rocky in the past with issues hindering the experience, it’s grown a tremendous amount over the years and, as of right now, there’s a high-end emulator for pretty much every type of retro console you can think of. In this article we’ve listed some high-end emulators of various types for you to try out if you’re looking to get into playing some retro games via emulation.

The following are the different types of retro game emulators available today:

1: Kega Fusion

The Kega Fusion has been around for quite some time and has over time been refined and perfected to become one of the absolute best emulators of its kind. The great thing about this emulator is the fact that it not only perfectly emulates the Sega Genesis but also has full support for prior Sega consoles such as the Sega Master System. Overall, this is an incredibly capable emulator that’ll allow you to enjoy a vast array of iconic retro games.


MAME is a name that retro arcade game enthusiasts are likely going to be familiar with as it’s without a doubt one of the most well designed emulators for arcade games available today. The emulator takes a bit of getting used to but, once you’ve gotten a hang of its interface and various basics, you’ll be able to enjoy pretty much every retro arcade game that you can think of.

3: DeSmuME

The Nintendo DS is hands down one of the most iconic handheld consoles to ever surface and DeSmuME is without a doubt among the best, if not the best, emulators for it. The emulator offers smooth performance even on devices with somewhat lower-end hardware and comes with full support for controllers as well. Perhaps the best thing about it, though, is the fact that there’s also a mobile-based variant of it available so you’ll be able to enjoy DS games in the comfort of your phone with it.

4: Dolphin

Dolphin is an emulator that’s been around for a long time and, over time, it’s become pretty much the best emulator out there for Nintendo’s GameCube and Wii. This emulator offers blazing fast performance even on computers that don’t necessarily have the best hardware and full support for controllers, even wireless ones. Alongside all this, the emulator has support for Android devices as well so it’s pretty much the full package when it comes to playing GameCube and Wii games.

Overall, if you’re looking to enjoy some retro games via emulation, the aforementioned emulators are no doubt going to be of great service to you.